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Pit Leases

Pit Leases

We have four pit leases that have come available for the 2018/19 duck season. Contact us now if you are interested.

Pit#2 is a 20'x5'x5' with roll top lids and will be flooded bean field this year. 20-25 acres of water in a 40 acre field.


Pit#2.5 is a 20'x6'x6' with walk in dog boxes on each end and is also in an 80 acre field with 30-40 acres of water.

Pit#3.5 is a 20x5x5 pit with dog boxes on each end the pit is located in south boundary levee of field with 15-20 acres of water and is located in Gee Bottoms. $6500/Season

Pit#4 is a 32'x6'x8' with dog boxes on each end it is in a natural slough we plant in corn 5-8 acres and leave unharvested. The slough has about 15-20 acres of water when flooded. The pit is backed up against a dead cypress tree and you shoot from one side like a blind. $9,000/Season

Information Re quest

We require the groups pay 50% deposit by March, 1st. Anyone who leased a pit has option of releasing before it will be offered to public. Thanks to all of this years leassors and looking forward to a great year of doing what we all love to do! Come on weather and ducks!